About Emerald Ink Publishing!

We began in 1990 publishing business-related newsletters for niche markets. Our first book was "Start A Business Without Borrowing" by D. Kelly Irvin. This book was well reviewed and garnered us a distributor in the book business, the book store trade. After that, we had a One Spririt Book of the Month Club selection, "It' U-Mail!" and set up our web page. At that time, very few people were using the internet.

We issued "A Time for Alzheimer's" - a critically acclaimed book reviewed by many support and professional groups and organizations. "Manic Depression" followed, along with "How to Survive Your Bipolar Brain" and "Brain Damage" about cognitive deficit disorder and related issues.

Since that time, we have published dozens of titles for the trade. Along the way, we produced technical books for industry and corporations, for WW II groups on their 50th anniversary for commemoration, and a WW II book that a Chinese publisher translated to use in China's 50th anniversary of freedom from Japanese occupation.

After our initial publishing success, our then distributor failed and went bankrupt, interrupting our work and our authors' lives. Many of our associates in the field ceased as a result of this untimely corporate demise, but we luckily survived one of the hazards of current publishing.

A few fiction works later, we reached a pausing point, and now publish mostly for distribution outside of the book trade. Our "12 Step Workbook" and "Simple Survival" are such books, available through the trade but mostly through non-bookstore shops and professional groups.

We thank the authors and the readers for almost two decades of exciting experiences in the world of books. Each book is the author's child, lovingly and painstakingly nurtured for years, and we have known many of these by now. We thank the readers for support, the authors for their genius and hard work, and the world for the opportunity.